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Jessica Olberz Singleton

Jessica Olberz is a multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She discovered her passion for art as a teenager. This was around the time that she became aware of having synesthesia, which causes her various senses to be accompanied by imagery and colors.


Jessica received a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Louisville before embarking on a career as a yoga teacher and studio owner for 18 years, including teaching yoga philosophy and asana practices at UofL for over a decade. She remained active with her art during this time, holding numerous art shows and teaching art in both individual and class settings.​


Her current body of work features bold, abstract watercolor paintings, though she has previously worked with various mediums like soft pastels, collage, and acrylics on subjects ranging from plant shadows and mandalas to self-portraiture. Olberz cites influences from transcendent abstractionists, Mark Rothko and Hilma af Klint.Through dynamic use of color, scale and spontaneous techniques, Olberz's watercolor paintings invite viewers to experience the inherent interconnectedness underlying our human experience.​​

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