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Handwoven Cowls by Briana Fredrick
  • Handwoven Cowls by Briana Fredrick

    handwoven cowls by Bri Weaves


    Oatmeal Woven Cowl

    handwoven rayon, cotton, flax, linen, hemp, silk noil, organic cotton, hand-dyed silk noil, cotton and rayon on the Auntie Warp.


    Black Woven Cowl

    handwoven cotton, rayon, mulberry silk, nylon and organic cotton on the Auntie Warp.


    Wash sparingly. Hand or machine wash gently with cool water and a mild soap. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. Hang or lay flat to dry. Ironing is fine, just be sure to have it on cooler setting if your product contains metallic or nylon. 

    Keep your handwoven away from velcro, earrings and other jewelry. If a thread gets caught, it usually can be corrected by gently tugging the cowl from the two ends several inches to either side. 


    Made by: 
    Briana Frederick

    Louisville, KY 

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