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Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set

This set includes 6  paperless towels and 2 absorbent dish towels. Paperless towels are made of a single layer of unbleached birdseye cotton and have superb absorbency. Lightweight and quick to dry, you can use them several times throughout the day without them getting a sour smell. These are a true alternative to disposable paper towels. Absorbent and Lint Free. 

Size: paperless towels measure approximately 10.75” x 10.75”. Dish towels are made of two layers of unbleached birdseye cotton for supreme absorbency. If you’re tired of towels that merely smear the liquid across the countertop, look no more! These towels are truly absorbent. Towels measure 19” x 22”.

Care: Wash all towels 1-2 times before use to reach maximum absorbency. Expect some shrinkage after washing. Machine wash warm. Machine dry. Do not use fabric softener. 


Made by: 
Anchored by Design 


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