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Porcelain Handmade Gua Sha Tool

Porcelain Handmade Gua Sha Tool

A Gua Sha isn't just a tool. It's one of the oldest practices ever recorded in traditional Chinese medicine. Although it can sometimes be marketed in the west as a de-puffer and a contour routine, the original purpose was to use various types of stones during ritual and practices of wellness to scrape away illness and alleviate pain. The unique edges of this handmade stone and the buttery smoothness of the porcelain are wonderful properties to help cleanse, clear and balance, receiving all the benefits of this beautiful, handmade skincare tool.


For a healthy glow, start your morning with this Gua Sha and a few drops of your favorite face oil (mine is Soma from Bhava Wellness).. using long, smooth strokes to move stagnant energy, stimulate blood flow, and encourage lymphatic drainage. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Size: dimensions: approx. 3.5 x 1.5" Comes in a fabric pouch for easy travel.


Made by: 
Spring + Vine


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