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The Line That Connects Us, A Coloring Book by AnnCharlotte
  • The Line That Connects Us, A Coloring Book by AnnCharlotte


    One element in art is the significance of the line. I considered different symbolic meanings of “line”. I researched Gestalt practices examining how we as humans conceptually connect life events, and how the collective whole of these events is greater than the sum of the mere events themselves. With these considerations, I created this interactive drawing collaboration, “The Line That Connects Us”, using significant people in my life as inspiration in creating the line/images, with the hope that it will encourage others to do the same. For example, the cardinal is extremely personal to me and my family, but he is also a universal symbol to so many, 

    representing hope, healing and love after loss. 


    To make the creative process accessible for many (and perhaps a bit healing for us all), I always encourage the use of personal history while coloring. I also see the powerful collaborative potential in making a personal connection with all of you, allowing our creative expressions to expand in our united front, especially in these chaotic and often divided times. This coloring book is not just for the adult and I encourage whole families to create/color together. My three year old daughter was a great artist and creative helping me to 

    format this attainable process for us all. 


    I am proud and excited to present this limited edition series of. What a journey these past couple of years have been for us all. Thank you for your support and inspirations.  


    Made by: 

    AnnCharlotte Tavolacci

    New York

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