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The Sun - Tarot Soy Candle

The Sun - Tarot Soy Candle

Welcome the warm light of the sun into your home with The Sun Tarot Soy Candle.


This special tarot candle is designed to bring energy and inspiration, channeling the powerful symbolism that represents life energy itself. Each stunning candle is topped off with nourishing sunstone and delicate dried sunflower petals for an extra pinch of magic.



Your Candle Comes In: an 8oz metal tin with a wood wick. It’s topped with dried sunflower petals, and sunstone semi-precious stones for instilling good nature, heightening intuition and allowing the real self to shine through happily.


NOTE: All candles are hand-poured and most are 100% Vegan. 100% Natural. 100% Eco-Friendly.

Made by:

Wicked Obscura


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