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A Solo Exhibition by Kris Thompson  

Public opening reception 12/1  from 4-9:00 PM

On view in the gallery and on our website December 1st-January 7th, 2024

Capacity Contemporary Exchange 

CCE_Canyons Showcard2.jpg

After spending time in Sedona, Arizona, Kris was inspired by the form, texture and colors of the canyons. She created a technique using cotton twine that she painted with layers of textile paint. Then taking wire that she crocheted, this wire was woven into cotton panels and sewn onto stretched canvas, creating a soft sculpture effect.


Kris tells a story of how she has witnessed the canyons through a series that showcase vivid blues of the desert, as well as deep earth tones of the canyons. Kris wanted to take her visual experiences of Sedona directly to the canvas. Like the process of rock formations coming to be over eons; Kris’s process mirrors this. Like canyons forming, Kris has utilized time to create a body of work that illustrates her perspective of the shape and form of desert rock formations; her work reflecting soft lines as well as complex texture and movement.


Kris is a fiber artist, designer, curator, and one of the artists and creative thinkers who initiated KMAC Contemporary Art Museum's  annual KMAC Couture, "Art Walks The Runway" fundraiser, and has been designing wearable art for the fundraiser for twelve years.

Kris studied fiber art at the University of Louisville, and has exhibited her work professionally. Kris lives and works in Louisville and is the Development and Special Projects Manager at KMAC Contemporary Art Museum. 

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