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Moroccan Bread Basket - Set of 2
  • Moroccan Bread Basket - Set of 2

    This Moroccan Bread Baskets are typical designs originating in the Sahara Desert and created by Berbers. They are made with hand-woven palm leaves and decorated with wool using sustainable dyes. These baskets are traditionally used to store bread, fruits, and utensils as they keep things fresh in the kitchen but can also be a great hiding spots for treasures around the house.


    These baskets are ethically sourced and handwoven and sewn by artisans in Marrakesh. The baskets are woven in different areas but decorated by women in their homes while they look after their children. Due to the handmade nature of this product, the sizes may vary. Add a touch of the exotic to your table or kitchen.


    Basket 1 -

    8.5'' diameter

    7'' base height

    11.5'' height with top


    Basket 2 -

    7'' diameter

    2.5'' base height

    7.5'' height with top


    By: Verve Culture

    Steamboat Springs, CO

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