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Radiant Reaching

Tammy Burke, Katherine Cox,

Casey Dressell, Katherine Gibson, 

Uhma Janus, Lyric Morris-Latchaw, Brooke Owens, Danielle Rante, and Skylar Smith

April 5th-April 30th, 2024


Dutoit Gallery

Front Street Building
1001 East Second Street
Building 100, B-C Door, Third Floor
Dayton, Ohio 45402


Radiant Reaching brings together nine artists from Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio with diverse artistic practices that are working in a variety of mediums—and puts them in conversation together at Dutoit Gallery in Dayton, Ohio. 


About the Artists


Tammy M. Burke

Tammy is an interdisciplinary artist working 3-dimensionally and in 2d. Since May of 2020, she has been working intensely in sewing construction. She teaches fundamental 3D Design at Indiana University Southeast where she has also taught painting. Tammy has also taught intro to 2d design and drawing at University of Louisville. She holds an MFA in Studio Art and Design from the Hite Art Institute.


Katherine Cox

Originally from Southern California, Kat is Fine Arts faculty at University of Louisville as the Term Assistant Professor in Ceramics and Fibers. Kat graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Masters of Fine Arts in Art focusing on ceramics and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics from California State University Long Beach in 2015. Kat has worked in clay and fibers since a young age and uses both mediums in her work.

Casey Dressell
A practicing painter and installation artist living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky, Casey is interested in the intersections of art, craft, nature and the built environment and is always thinking of different ways people can experience and live with art. Casey completed a BFA at The University of Cincinnati and a MFA in studio art at Miami University. In addition to her studio practice, Casey is the owner/operator of Capacity Contemporary Exchange in Louisville, KY and the curator and gallery director at the Indian Hill Gallery in Cincinnati, and part-time faculty at Miami University. 


Katherine Gibson
Katherine Gibson is an artist and educator primarily working in painting who has been trained as a metalsmith. She studied art at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, earning her BA in Sculpture, then moved to Richmond to study metalsmithing at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She brings a keen awareness of craft and labor that is influenced by her study of sociology and philosophy and her professional experience as a metalsmith.  Her research explores the intersections of media, labor, economics and history as pertaining to adolescent women.   She earned her MFA in Painting from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning, in 2020.


Uhma Janus

Uhma Janus is a native of León, Guanajuato, México, and resides in Louisville, Kentucky. Uhma was initiated into the appreciation of the arts by the early exposure to classical music, opera, art history, and crafting that her parents gifted her with.

Her body of work includes abstract pieces, monographs, and portraits. Some of the elements that can be recognized in them reflect her interests in the fundamental, in all that exists as interconnected, in the dynamism of complex systems, and in the disciplines of Geometry, Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, and human physiology.

Lyric Morris-Latchaw
Lyric creates imaginative paintings, murals, and art objects to infuse life with beauty, intention, and a deepened, hopeful connection to the natural world. Her work reimagines common plants using whimsical colors and playful, painterly forms that speak to a communally-thriving vision of the future, beyond the shadow of the climate crisis, the two-headed snake of capitalism/colonialism, and anthropocentrism.


Brooke Owens

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Brooke currently lives and works in Covington, Kentucky. She has always had interests in abstract painting, the abject, as well as the physical body. Her process-driven studio practice explores the overlap between those ideas. Owens pulls from vulnerable aspects of her lived experience while considering bodily changes through age, illness, or injury. 


Brooke has recently exhibited her work at Manifest Gallery, Hiestand Galleries at Miami University, as well as the Roger Glass Center for the Arts in Dayton, Ohio and has an upcoming solo exhibition at the University of Saint Francis in January, 2025.

Danielle Rante

Danielle’s work explores our personal relationships to landscape, communicating a deep sense of contemplation and awe. She has a strong dedication to working on traditional washi papers, creating large scale yet intimate environments. Her unique approach to image making blurs boundaries between drawing, painting, alternative photography and print.  She has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally, notably K. Imperial Fine Art (San Francisco, CA), International Print Center New York (NY, NY) and both the China Art Museum and University of Art Museum in Shanghai.


Skylar Smith

Skylar is an artist, curator, and educator. Her work deals with micro and macro perceptions of the natural world, and human-scale politics that influence perception.

Smith has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art and a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Smith is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, and has taught at the University of Louisville and Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC). Through JCTC, she taught college-level courses to men and women in prison. She is currently the Artist-In-Residence at Francis Parker School and the Curriculum Developer for Hadley Creatives. Smith resides in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband and two daughters.

Current Exhibition 
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