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Kentucky Thoroughbred Horses, Riders and Race Scenes by Hagan McGee   


April 21st-May 7th

Capacity Contemporary Exchange

Capacity Contemporary will have a selection of Kentucky Thoroughbred Horses, Riders and Race Scenes by Folk Artist Hagan McGee from April 21st - May 7th. 


Kentucky Folk Artist Hagan McGee (1927-2018) began creating paintings of his life growing up in the rural town of Manton, Kentucky when he retired after a long life of hard work.


In his twenty five years of retirement and up to his passing at the age of 90, he worked daily in his basement studio, making colorful paintings recalling his memories growing up in Manton. 


In addition to detailed scenes of Kentucky rural life, Hagan made paintings of thoroughbred horses, riders and race scenes, based on his love of horses and his experiences as a young farm boy riding or working horses.

A true untrained Folk Artist, Hagan showed his work extensively in the Ohio Valley Region and can be found in many public and private collections, including Brown-Forman, The Kentucky Derby Museum, and the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, Kentucky. 


A selection of Hagan McGee's work is on view in the gallery and on our website and Instagram @capacitycontemporary  Visit us at 641 W. Main Street, in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.


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