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Slow Drip 

by Arynn Blazer 

Public opening reception 10/20  from 6-8:00 PM

On view in the gallery and on our website October 20th-November 26th, 2023

Capacity Contemporary Exchange 

CCE_Slow Drip Postcard.jpg

Through a slow persistent drip, water can hollow out stone. Caves are formed, canyons are made. Arynn's way of living is much the same, never a flood or large wave, just a slow drip. Finding space to create as a working mother and caretaker is a delicate dance of embracing practices that lend themselves to unfolding over time, ready to be woven into an already full life. Slow, intentional rhythms deepen Arynn's connection to her body, her family, and the world around her.


The collection of objects, materials, and processes on view in the gallery, embody moments of slow intentionality over the past four seasons. As time hastens, the artist is  drawn to experiences that slow her down and preserve feelings and moments that anchor her to  the present. 


The natural dyes used in these works are created with seasonal food waste; saved and foraged. These dyes are used on fabrics, paper, and canvas and then returned to the earth. Little wooden shelves awaken Arynn's childhood, offering the perfect platform for things collected and saved. Flowers from her garden are dried and hung, preserving the beautiful things that have grown all around her. Dried flowers are immortal vessels, particularly amaranth with its unfading beauty.


Stitching is the embodiment of a slow drip; small, embroidered threads filling the surface, mark the passage of time. Hidden throughout Arynn's paintings and fiber work are little bunnies,  imagery that has stayed with the artist since she was young, through the birth of her first child; they have been a constant presence that have helped Arynn connect and express her experiences in this world. 


These vignettes are an ode to four, full seasons of life. Autumn with a bounty of black walnuts and onion skins and beautifully preserved flowers, winter brought pomegranates and a desire to do nothing but quilt and spend hours slowly stitching the hours away. Spring brought avocados and a desire to paint and play. Summer brought yarrow, amaranth, flowers for drying and dying. At the end of it all, we are where  the cycle started, letting the rhythms of life slowly carry her along. 

Arynn Blazer, a Cincinnati native, taps into the natural rhythms and seasons of life by infusing gardening, foraging and natural dying into her creative practice. Arynn has made a career working in the non-profit arts sector as a community-based teaching artist, educator, and museum professional. Curiosity and experimentation fuel her work both as an artist and professionally. Arynn has exhibited in galleries and storefronts throughout Cincinnati since 2003.

A selection of  Arynn's work is on view in the gallery, on our website and Instagram @capacitycontemporary  Visit us at 641 W. Main Street, in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.


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