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Symbiotic Relationship

Selection of Work by AnnCharlotte Tavolacci 

Capacity Contemporary Exchange 

AnnCharlotte's paintings reflect a confessional artist platform, examining the intersection of idealism, objects and female identity. She shares inspirations in the blending of her roles as a fine artist, professional and mother. AnnCharlotte sees the power to use art to connect to others and create an advocating dialogue for herself.  Art gives a voice, an expression that is not bound to language.

AnnCharlotte is inspired by modernism, surrealism and how these genres translate in capturing daily life. She finds beauty, and freedom, where her unconscious exists, unveiling a new world. AnnCharlotte tries to take courage and comfort in this creative space and evolve. Creating art for her, is an internal cycle of destruction and recreation.

Symbiotic Relationships is a body of work in which AnnCharlotte researched the concept of

symbiotic relationships, and the Gaia Hypothesis. Using her artist mother identity, she created 

art and used inspiration fueled from her daughter, husband and cats in a way that services her as

an artist, as she is at a constant service to them. AnnCharlotte labors from love and recognizes our interactions form a synergetic and self-regulating system that created, and maintained, makes our lives possible and flowing. 

AnnCharlotte Tavolacci, a NYC School of Visual Arts (BFA) and LIU
University (MA) alumna, resides in eastern Long Island farm country, with
her husband, four year old daughter, and two cats, where she works as a
Fine Artist, Art Therapist in private practice, and Graduate Professor.

AnnCharlotte has had several solo gallery exhibitions displaying her
personal confessional fine art around the United States. She has
completed various Artist Residencies, most recently an international
residency in Nova Scotia.

Prior to opening her private practice, AnnCharlotte was the Fine Art
Activist, Educational and Therapeutic Specialist at a government
non-profit, serving homeless and mentally ill residents of NYC. As a
graduate professor at various NYC and LI institutions, she teaches
courses, blending fine arts with psychology and arts community social
action. She has nationally presented lectures through universities,
galleries, museums and various institutions, on her personal fine art and
therapeutic arts/outreach as well.
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